Leadership Team

Our management team drives our business, advances our key strategic initiatives, and leads our people in our purpose of Packaging a Better Future. As one united team, our leaders guide Pactiv Evergreen on our journey towards limitless potential. 

Executive Leadership Team

Mike King Gradient v2

Mike King

Chief Executive Officer

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Jon Baksht Gradient

Jon Baksht

Chief Financial Officer

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Chandra Mitchell Gradient

Chandra Mitchell

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

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Beth Rettig Gradient

Beth Rettig

Chief Growth Officer

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Charles Whittington Gradient

Charles Whittington

Senior Vice President, Business Transformation

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Doug Owenby gradientbg

Douglas Owenby

Chief Operations Officer

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Eric Wulf Gradient

Eric Wulf

President, Food & Beverage Merchandising

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J D Bowlin Gradient

JD Bowlin

Chief Human Resources Officer

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Tim Levenda Gradient

Tim Levenda

President, Foodservice

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Management Team

Thomas Abraham Gradient 

Tom Abraham

Vice President, Supply Chain Planning

Arif Ahmed Gradient

Arif Ahmed

Vice President, Treasurer

Brian Anderson Gradient

Brian Anderson

Vice President, Logistics

Robyn Barber Gradient

Robyn Barber

Director, Talent Acquisition

Kenny Baymiller Gradient

Kenny Baymiller

Chief Financial Officer, Food & Beverage Merchandising

Mike Betz Gradient

Mike Betz

Chief Information Officer

Dave Bogan Gradient

Dave Bogan

Vice President, HR, Operations & Growth

Richard Boucher Gradient

Rich Boucher

Vice President, Operations - Food & Beverage Merchandising

Ron Boyer Gradient

Ron Boyer

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Jody Campbell Gradient

Jody Campbell

Vice President, Internal Audit

Sandy Cobden Gradient

Sandy Cobden

Chief Counsel, Litigation & Compliance

Joel Corder Gradient

Joel Corder

Vice President, Sales Food & Beverage Merchandising

Terry Coyne Gradient

Terry Coyne

Senior Director, Commercialization - Foodservice

Tommy Darby Gradient

Tommy Darby

Chief Accounting Officer

Christi Dees Gradient

Christi Dees

Vice President, HR Food & Beverage Merchandising

Christine De Haven Gradient

Christine Dehaven

Vice President, Operations Foodservice

Lynn Dyer Gradient

Lynn Dyer

Chief Sustainability Officer

Mike Finnamore v2 Gradient

Mike Finnamore

Vice President, EHSS

Abby Fordham Gradient

Abby Fordham

Senior Director, Talent & Development

Shawn Fraise

Shawn Fraise

IT Director, Business Integrations

Rafael Garcia Gradient

Rafael Garcia

Vice President & General Manager, Mexico & Agriculture

Joe Hanik Gradient

Joe Hanik

Vice President, Engineering & Capital Management

Dan Henderlight Gradient

Dan Henderlight

Vice President, Sales - Foodservice

Chris Johns Gradient

Chris Johns

Vice President, Beverage Packaging & Machinery

Beth Kelly Gradient

Beth Kelly

Senior Director, Communications and Creative Services

Steve Kipnis Gradient

Steve Kipnis

Director, HR Corporate Functions

John Maloney Gradient

John Maloney

Vice President, Sales - Foodservice

Amanda Merten Gradient

Amanda Merten

Chief Financial Officer, Foodservice

Emilia Nosser Gradient

Emelia Nosser

Chief Procurement Officer

Eric Odell Gradient

Eric Odell

Chief Information Security Officer

Matt Parthasarthy Gradient

Matt Parthasarthy

Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

Frank Petlak Gradient

Frank Petlak

Vice President, Innovation & New Product Development

Danny Phillips Gradient

Danny Phillips

Vice President, Sales - Food & Beverage Merchandising

Chris Purtell Gradient

Chris Purtell

Vice President, Sales Enablement - Foodservice

John Quick Gradient

John Quick

Vice President, Finance

Dave Redys Gradient

Dave Redys

Vice President, Manufacturing & Network Optimization

Silvano Restiotto Gradient

Silvano Restiotto

Vice President, Operational Excellence

Tyler Rosenbaum Gradient

Tyler Rosenbaum

Chief Counsel, Securities & Transactions & Assistant Corporate Secretary

Chris Schilder Gradient

Chris Schilder

Chief Counsel, ESG, Innovation & Government Affairs

Anthony Sluzinski

Anthony Sluzinski

Director, Project Management

Mark Spencer Gradient

Mark Spencer

Senior Director, Category Management - Food & Beverage Merchandising

Joe Spina Gradient

Joe Spina

Vice President, Human Resources Foodservice

Cary Willis Gradient

Cary Willis

Vice President, HR Administration

Curtis Worthington

Curt Worthington

Vice President, Strategy & Investor Relations

Jay Wright

Jay Wright

Vice President, BTMO

Bettina Yip Gradient

Bettina Yip

Chief Counsel, Labor & Employment

Eveliss Zenner Gradient

Eveliss Zenner

Vice President, Total Rewards