About Us

We are Pactiv Evergreen.

We are Pactiv Evergreen.

We are Packaging a Better Future.

Our 14,000+ employees across 50+ manufacturing facilities in North America make Pactiv Evergreen a powerhouse in the fresh food and beverage packaging industry.

Our Purpose, Mission and Values

Our purpose, mission, and values represent the principles we honor, the promises keep, and the foundational beliefs we share. They communicate what our customers and shareholders can expect from us and what we can expect of each other.

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Packaging a Better Future

Packaging a Better Future

  • 1,100

    Product Lines

  • 42

    Distribution Centers

  • 14

    Raw Materials

  • 51

    Manufacturing Facilities

  • 14K

    Unique Products

  • 14K+


World-Class Leadership

Our management team is focused on creating a culture of innovation, excelling at quality and service, creating critical products that make our customers indispensable to theirs, minimizing our impact on the environment, and constantly evolving the business to meet customers' needs.

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Our Locations

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Our Locations

Pactiv Evergreen has a large, well-invested manufacturing base and a hub-and-spoke distribution network across North America.

Explore our Headquarters

Explore our Headquarters

Dive into a work environment that's designed with a people-first approach. From our modern open office that promotes collaborative work to focus rooms for those times when you need solitude, every inch is tailored to elevate your experience. This is the place where collaboration meets creativity, and every day offers a chance for learning and mentoring.

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Our Key Strategic Initiatives

Our five Key Strategic Initiatives (KSIs) – People, Profitable Growth, Social Responsibility, Operational Excellence and Enterprise Optimization – will advance our journey to a more high-impact, high-performing, world-class business. Our KSIs are an essential part of delivering against our ambitious goals. Learn more about our Key Strategic Initiatives.

  • People People

  • Profitable Growth Profitable Growth

  • Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

  • Operational Excellence Operational Excellence

  • Enterprise Optimization Enterprise Optimization

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Mike’s KSI Overview

Mike’s KSI Overview

View Mike's KSI Overview and more KSI content below.

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Our History

While Pactiv Evergreen is a relatively new publicly traded company, our history goes back to 1880 when John Cherry began the Evergreen Packaging business. Today, the Company is on an exciting journey towards excellence and long-term growth.

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