Gable Top Carton, Quart (32 oz.)

Product # GTC32


  • Available in multiple sizes for refrigerated products such as dairy cream, half & half, coffee creamer, liquid eggs, dairy milk, plant-based milk, juice, and juice drinks.
  • We have teams of professionals with matchless expertise to support all your carton needs.
  • We design, engineer, and manufacture fillers for form, fill, and seal gable top cartons.
  • A sustainability story that can be your story to tell. About 70% of every PlantCarton package is made with a renewable resource, paper, made with trees grown in forestry where the overall rate of forest growth exceeds use.
  • Cartons are recyclable.

Description and Specifications

PlantCarton gable top cartons use custom-engineered barrier technologies that help protect your product, maximize freshness, and extend shelf-life. Printing options include lithographic, high definition flexographic, or flexographic printing. Cartons are available in dozens of sizes and can include our SPOUT-PAK® closures with threading that prevents spills and allows resealing.
Product # GTC32
Material Type PAPERBOARD
Capacity 32 oz (946.368 ml)
Temperature Range PAPERBOARD ()


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