Extended Long Life® EQ-70 Gable Top Packaging Machine

Product # EQ-70


  • Fills up to 7,000 cartons per hour - quarts/liters
  • Fills up to 9,000 cartons per hour - fractional sizes
  • Fill volume - 6-32 oz (200-1,000 ml)
  • Servo driven technology
  • Extended Long Life features: Dual ISO 5 HEPA; auto sanitize; delf-contained CIP/SIP; carton decontamination; and Hermetic filling system
  • Optional consumer friendly SPOUT-PAK® resealable cap available
  • Backed by our Run Time® parts and service program

Description and Specifications

The EQ-70 gable top filling machine produces up to 7,000 quart / liter cartons per hour. The EQ-70 design offers good visibility of machine components, accessibility for ease of operation, cleaning and maintenance, and the use of servos for quick setup. It delivers extended long life advantages for your products when included as part of an ultra-pasteurized or HHST operation.
Product # EQ-70
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