Gable Top Carton, 8 oz.

Product # GTC8


  • Available in multiple sizes for refrigerated products such as dairy milk and juices in schools and institutions
  • We have teams of professionals with matchless expertise to support all your carton needs.
  • We design, engineer, and manufacture fillers for form, fill, and seal gable top cartons.
  • About 70% of every PlantCarton package is made with a renewable resource, paper, made with trees grown in forests where the overall rate of forest growth exceeds use.
  • Cartons are recyclable.

Description and Specifications

PlantCarton gable top cartons, available in multiple sizes, are a cost-effective solution for keeping beverages cold, fresh tasting and rich in vitamins. Also, cartons offer four panels with great graphic capabilities for delivering an impactful brand message in any school or institutional environment.
Product # GTC8
Material Type PAPERBOARD
Capacity 8 oz (236.592 ml)
Temperature Range PAPERBOARD ()


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