Pulpex 8 oz. Fiber Blend Food Tray

Product # YM633521


  • Made from 100% recycled paperboard
  • PFAS-free
  • Recyclable - check locally, may not be recyclable in your area
  • Great for schools, food trucks and concessions

Description and Specifications

EarthChoice Pulpex Food Trays and Plates are strong, economical, and reliable. They can be used for any operation, from food trucks to sit-down restaurants. These products are PFAS-free, made from 100% recycled paper and are recyclable in the communities that accept molded fiber products. Check locally. The tall sidewalls ensure food stays put and doesn't spill, while the Pulpex material absorbs grease and oil from a variety of foods to avoid messy soak-though.
Product # YM633521
Material Type MOLDED FIBER
Capacity 8 oz (236.592 ml)
Dimensions 5.75 X 4 X 1.25 in
Temperature Range MOLDED FIBER (0°F/-16°C - 250°F/121°C)


Case Weight 18.45 lbs (8.37 kg)
Unit Tier 9
Unit Height 3
Cases Per Layer 9
Cases Per Pallet 27
Case Pack 920
Case Cube 1.874 ft³ (0.053 m³)
Case Length 16.06 in (40.8 cm)
Case Width 12.31 in (31.28 cm)
Case Height 16.38 in (41.59 cm)
GTIN 16194059977
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