Sustainability Means Business

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Sustainability Means Business

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have.” Customers expect it, and lawmakers are listening to them. If you fall short of their expectations or changing legislation, your company’s reputation could take the hit. 

With EarthChoice sustainable packaging, you can feel safe sending your food – and your company name – out into the world. It’s better for the environment and better for your business's reputation.

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Your Choice

We offer a broad selection of environmentally responsible packaging so you can choose the options that best address your specific sustainability challenges.

Every EarthChoice product provides at least one of four benefits to the environment and your business's reputation. Different municipalities require or restrict different types of products – and that’s no problem when you make the EarthChoice. You’ll find what works for your area.

Select EarthChoice products have added minerals and plant-based starches reducing the use of virgin resin.

For some consumers, one benefit of plastic take-out containers is the ability to reuse them. Select EarthChoice containers are top rack residential dishwater safe.

Some EarthChoice products are made with post-consumer recycled materials or are recyclable. Check locally - may not be recyclable in your area.

A growing number of EarthChoice products are made from bioplastics like polylactic acid (PLA), a resin derived from annually-renewable plants, paper from trees and other fiber sources.

> 85%

Of EarthChoice products are made right here in the USA* – not shipped from overseas. We strategically locate our warehouse network near our customers.
*Made in the USA from globally sourced materials.


 Of foodservice operators confirm sustainability is currently a priority for their organization.
Technomic March 2023 Omnibus Operator Survey

Product Features

Our Expertise
You need a partner who understands your business – and your customers’ expectations around sustainability. You’ve come to the right place. We don’t stop at designing, manufacturing, and delivering products with you in mind – we’re your partner in business growth, offering a suite of resources to get you ahead of the curve.

Choose American Manufacturing
Thanks to our scale and USA-based operations, the EarthChoice distribution network is highly efficient. That means, in addition to sustainable products, you get a reliable supply and a lower environmental footprint from transportation.

Over 85% of EarthChoice products are made right here in the USA – not shipped from overseas. We strategically locate our warehouse network near our customers.

Our logistics program reduces empty space on trucks during shipping, resulting in 10%–15% more product shipped in the same number of trips.