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Packaging for the Future

At the heart of what we do is delivering sustainable products essential to consumers. Proper packaging is a crucial component of the food and beverage industry and facilitates today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Our packaging protects food from contamination and helps reduce the spread of disease and decrease the likelihood of foodborne illnesses, providing our communities with important protection. Our packaging help protects food during transport, maintains freshness and extends shelf life in stores and in consumers’ homes, helping reduce food waste at every step. Our packaging also helps support long-term, sustainable business practices, offering cost-effective solutions, saving on equipment, supplies, labor and storage space.

With over 14,000 SKUs in the marketplace, the breadth and diversity of our product lineup is designed to meet the needs of our many customers. Today, these products are made from many different material types to provide the characteristics and performance our customers demand. However, we recognize that what worked in the past may not be what’s desired in the future.

In our 2019-2020 sustainability report, we announced a bold new goal that by 2030, 100% of our net revenues come from products made with recycled, recyclable or renewable materials. As of 2022, we were nearly two-thirds of the way toward our goal. As we look to the future, our material scientists, engineers, new product development, procurement and commercialization teams are working together to develop materials and products that not only meet the changing needs of our customers but also advance our progress on this critical goal for Pactiv Evergreen.


2023 Goal Progress

100% of net revenues from products made from recycled, recyclable or renewable materials by 2030.


Product Highlights

Tamper Evident Hinge Deli


  • Made with 25% post-consumer recycled material 
  • Tamper evident feature protects the food inside while eliminating the need for tear strips or shrink bands
Plant Carton Forest


  • Renewable and widely recyclable
  • Supports the future of forests through responsible sourcing
P F A S free hinge lid container


  • Recyclable polypropylene
  • SmartVentTM system allows steam to release, which helps keep food crispy
M C500060001 1000x1000


  • Renewable molded fiber
  • Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area. Not suitable for home composting.
Tamper Evident One Box


  • Renewable paperboard
  • PFAS-free
D400x400 R P E T tray(1)


  • Made with a minimum 25% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Sustainable choice for deli and meat products


Protecting & Preserving

We monitor product quality metrics at each facility and measure our success by the decrease in both the number of customer claims and the severity of those claims.

Our Global Quality Principles drive our approach:

  • Anticipate and meet our customers’ needs
  • Exceed customers’ expectations through adherence to PEPS
  • Promote a quality mindset by partnering with our suppliers
  • Deliver best-in-class products and services

As of December 31, 2022, all of the North American converting facilities of our legacy Beverage Merchandising segment had received Safe Quality Food certification, and 28 of our Foodservice and legacy Food Merchandising facilities had achieved British Retail Consortium certification for meeting globally recognized standards related to food safety and quality. 

Also as of December 31, 2022, our mill operations, extrusion plant and five additional Foodservice facilities were certified in accordance with Food Safety System Certification 22000. The remaining sites — 11 manufacturing and seven warehouse locations — were certified following food safety and supplier assurance audits conducted by the National Science Foundation.


Supporting Our Customers

As a supplier, one of our largest opportunities to positively impact the world around us is by enabling our customers to reach their own environmental goals. When a customer comes to Pactiv Evergreen with a new product need or an updated sustainability goal, we have the tools to offer a choice of solutions in a range of materials.

We recognize that all products and materials have environmental trade-offs, and to help our customers make more informed choices and help drive our own strategy, we analyze materials through a life cycle analysis tool.

In 2022, we commissioned an assessment of various materials used to make meat trays, comparing different environmental indicators to determine the best solution. The results showed that foam polystyrene meat trays with 30% recycled content have the least environmental impact of all trays included in the study. As expected, using recycled content lessens the environmental impact, and trays made of foamed resin have a lower environmental impact than trays made of non-foamed material because less material is used.

We also commissioned an assessment of our gable top beverage cartons' environmental performance compared to equivalent beverage containers. The study showed our gable top cartons have the lowest environmental impact overall in the School Milk, Premium Milk and Juice beverage container categories. In particular, gable top cartons showed the lowest GHG emissions impact compared to all other containers. Both studies were peer-reviewed and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)- conformant and part of our commitment to education, truth and trust in and about our products.


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Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

As a leader in our industry, we have a responsibility to help support our value chain, promote and protect our products and advance a circular economy. We cannot do this alone, and so we work with a diverse group of stakeholders to advocate for our and our industry’s interests, as well as collaborate to expand opportunities to recycle and compost our products.

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