7.5" Square 8.1" Deep 175 oz. Deep Draw PET Tub

Product # YSTL1175G

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  • Recyclable - check locally, may not be recyclable in your area
  • Outstanding clarity is great for merchandising
  • Available in several sizes with multiple lid options
  • Lids and bases are sold separately

Description and Specifications

Pactiv Evergreen Deep Draw PET Tubs boast outstanding clarity for exceptional merchandising, allowing customers to easily see the contents and enhancing product presentation and appeal. Clear PET is recyclable, however customers should check locally as recyclability may vary by area. Available in several sizes with multiple lid options, these tubs offer versatile packaging solutions. Note: Lids and bases are sold separately.
Product # YSTL1175G
Material Type PET
Dimensions 7.41 X 7.41 X 8.125 in
Temperature Range PET (-20°F/-26°C - 120°F/49°C)


Case Weight 257.73 lbs (116.88 kg)
Unit Tier 1
Unit Height 1
Cases Per Layer 1
Cases Per Pallet 1
Case Pack 1020
Case Cube 47.66 ft³ (1.35 m³)
Case Length 45.23 in (114.88 cm)
Case Width 37.79 in (95.99 cm)
Case Height 48.19 in (122.4 cm)
GTIN 16194133141
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