Why PlantCarton Packaging

Why PlantCarton Packaging?

Pactiv Evergreen's PlantCarton Package is a Good Business Solution 

So what does using PlantCarton packaging mean for your business? Assurance from a market leader, end-to-end solutions, product protection, ongoing service that helps keep your business running, and a sustainability story that can be your story to tell.


Assurance from a Market Leader 

Pactiv Evergreen, owner of the PlantCarton brand, has offered carton solutions for over 50 years. As a global leader, we have solutions for paperboard, gable top cartons, spout closures, and filling equipment. We operate one paper mill, five U.S. converting facilities and an equipment manufacturing facility. Our converting facilities are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified to control food safety risks, and follow our Pactiv Evergreen Production System (PEPS) which drives productivity, quality and continuous improvement. No other carton manufacturer offers the same level of resources in the U.S, and some of the largest consumer brands in the world rely on our supply chain assurance, experience, and reliability to safely package their products.


End to End Solutions

Our fully integrated solutions support you on your packaging journey from forest to fridge.

  • Responsible fiber procurement 
  • Paperboard manufacturing
  • Protective barrier technology
  • Carton converting
  • Spouts and closures 
  • Equipment and filling solutions 
  • Ongoing support services


Protection for your Product 

Plant Carton’s proprietary barrier structures are custom-engineered to help protect the product from the external environment and preserve the quality of the product inside.  Plant Carton is the nation’s leading producer of extended shelf life packaging for fresh refrigerated beverages.


Surrounding You with Service 

We have a team of professionals with matchless expertise to support all your needs. You may find us educating your team on regulatory requirements, pointing out an overlooked order, or assisting you at your facility on a holiday to help troubleshoot an issue. We help keep your business running!


A Sustainability Story That Is Your Story To Tell

Consider just some of the ways PlantCarton packaging can give you a sustainable edge:

  • Renewability - about 70% paper; made from trees grown in forests where responsible forestry practices are used
  • Renewable energy - about 55% of the energy used to make the paper comes from biomass
  • Recyclable


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