PlantCarton Specifications

PlantCarton Specifications

To Meet your Product Requirements

The optimum solution for PlantCarton packaging depends on your product factors such as acidity or viscosity, shelf-life requirements, and needs for size and volume. Some of the key package variables to consider include type of barrier for the paperboard, size and configuration, printing options, and closure needs.

Protecting Your Product: Barrier Technologies

Pactiv Evergreen applies custom-engineered barrier materials based on your specific product requirements. Barriers help mitigate at least one environmental factor. For example, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) provides a good water vapor barrier. Pactiv Evergreen TRU-TASTE® barrier board technology is engineered to deliver superior barrier performance for longer shelf life, increased resistance to distribution abuse, improved carton appearance, and protection of product flavor and nutrients.


Meeting Your Usability Needs: Size

PlantCarton packages come in dozens of ready-to-fill sizes for retail and foodservice uses.

Adding Impact: Printing

Pactiv Evergreen supports multiple printing options and the ability to print in any PMS color on your PlantCarton package. Your product will get noticed on the shelf with lithographic, high definition flexographic, or flexographic printing.


Maximizing Pourability: Spouts and Closures

Consumers can enjoy the many benefits of our SPOUT-PAK® closures with threading that prevents spills and allows resealing. Internal tamper-evident pull-rings add peace of mind but not difficulty. Spout closures are available from half-gallon to small-size applications, and we have the ability to apply a SPOUT-PAK applicator to your filling machine without decreasing efficiency.