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If trouble strikes on your Pactiv Evergreen gable top filling machine, we're here around the clock to get your line back up and running fast.

Even when everything's running smoothly, we can suggest ways to boost efficiency and increase production. Plus, we're also here to protect your product, your brand, and your business's growth.

Consultation and Maintenance

We're equipped to handle all your service and support needs. We offer the PURE™ Program to:

  • Ensure your filling equipment is running at peak efficiency.
  • Help avoid future maintenance issues.
  • Complete In-plant equipment rebuilds, as well as efficiency and quality studies
  • Utilize factory or in-plant training to educate operators and maintenance staff for peak performance of your filler.
  • Provide equipment service technicians certified on over 30 Pactiv Evergreen filling machine models, up-to-date on all the latest technological advancements, and available around the clock.
  • Make available engineering consultation from product line specialists, along with custom engineering options, to help you get the most out of your packaging machines.


The PURE™ Program

Keeping your gable top carton production lines up and running is your number one priority and it's ours, too. Our PURE Program is available for Evergreen Packaging filling machines to help ensure high filler Productivity, Uptime, Reliability, and Efficiency.

The PURE Program is one of the best ways to assure reliable, predictable start-up and improve overall plant equipment effectiveness


  • Safety first: Our 42-point inspection includes a review of the safety features of the filler.
  • Budget management: With a tiered hourly service rate and planned inspections, the PURE Program enables you to budget predictable costs.


  • Operational Plan: PURE inspections can also help identify potential problems before they create emergency downtime.


  • Food safety and HACCP compliance: The PURE program should be an important component of your HACCP plan and the PURE inspections provide important data points for HACCP compliance and safe product quality.


  • Capital asset protection: PURE inspections can ensure your machine is running at highest efficiency, and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.


Technical Service Team

The factory-based Technical Service Team (TST), located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is comprised of our knowledgeable engineering and technical staff. They are well equipped to handle your questions on legacy and current gable top equipment models. Contact them to assist you in:

  • Determining the correct OEM parts needed for your filling machine
  • Ordering documentation such as Parts Manuals and Instruction Manuals
  • Providing phone-based troubleshooting and consultation, free of charge, when an Equipment Service Tech is not readily available

Contact Us:

Phone: 1.800.331.6083, Option 2



Contact Pactiv Evergreen Equipment

Contact Pactiv Evergreen Equipment to request machine technical support and service anytime:

  • Equipment: 319.399.3200 | OEM Parts: 1.800.553.5981 | Technical Service: 1.800.331.6083