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Pactiv Evergreen Commits to 100 Percent Recycled, Recyclable or Renewable Materials

Leader in Food Packaging Set Aggressive Goal in New Sustainablity Report


In a new sustainability report, Pactiv Evergreen has announced a new goal that by 2030, 100% of its products will be made with recycled, recyclable or renewable materials.

“Consumers and brands are increasingly looking for sustainable packaging solutions. Pactiv Evergreen is committed to meeting those market demands,” said John McGrath, the company’s CEO. “We are nearly two-thirds of the way towards our goal based on 2019 net revenues, and in the next decade, we will work to achieve that 100% goal.”

The report further outlines a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which includes a new vision, mission and pillars that ground the company’s current and future initiatives.

Additional highlights from the report include:

  • Pactiv Evergreen has decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in the last five years and plans to explore ways to achieve further reductions.
  • About half of the company’s annual energy consumption comes from renewable sources including biomass, hydropower, wind and solar.
  • About 20% of the virgin fiber in Pactiv Evergreen’s paper products comes from chain of custody forests that meet at least one of three internationally recognized standards, offering global brands supply chain assurance.

The company’s dedication to worker safety has resulted in injury rates that are three times better than industry benchmarks.
Evergreen Packaging was recently integrated into Pactiv after operating separately under the same holding company. Now North America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage packaging, Pactiv Evergreen is focused on advancing its sustainability efforts to provide innovative products that meet market demands for its wide variety of customers. “Separately, Pactiv and Evergreen have already made significant contributions to reduce their footprints and improve environmental performance. Together, we’re accelerating these efforts and amplifying our deep commitments to sustainability,” said Lynn Dyer, chief sustainability and public affairs officer of Pactiv Evergreen. “We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish for ourselves, our customers, our communities and our planet.”

About Pactiv Evergreen Inc.: Pactiv Evergreen Inc. is the largest manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage packaging in North America with a diversified mix of customers, including restaurants, foodservice distributors, supermarkets, food and beverage producers, food packers and processors. Additionally, the company manufactures paper and paperboard from responsibly sourced fiber, providing supply chain confidence to customers. With over 15,000 employees, the Lake Forest, Illinois-based company helps make today’s convenience-oriented lifestyle possible with products that give people the freedom to eat and drink fresh food and beverages safely anytime and anywhere. Learn more at

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